The Do's and Don'ts To Avoid Data Breach

No matter what size of data you have, it is always on the target of cyber crooks to be attacked. There is always the risk of Data Breach. Some months back in the current year, Yahoo Japan informed the users that they been hit by a hack attack in which they have compromised the information of about 22 million people. Earlier that incident LivingSocial an online daily dealing website revealed that unfortunately hackers have stolen the personal information of almost half a billion of the customers. These two attacks show how big the concern of online crime has become. There is no country, city, area or even an individual in the world that can claim that he or she has no threat to his or data for getting breached.

Cyber attack not only pinch sensitive data from you, but, also hurt you financially and harms your reputation quite a lot. As a study suggest when a person loses his identity or his delicate records, he can likely become a victim of fraud of in more than 240 ways. The terrifying part of data breach is that the victim. Every sector leaks a fair amount of data including industrial sector, the financial sector and the sector that leaks contributes most in data breach is healthcare sector. Data can be leaked either by the user himself or the company that has asked the customer to provide their personal information with a promise to keep it secure, but, they fail to do so. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights’ recent HIPAA revealed in their report that in the last 4 years (2009-2013) there have been about 78,000 recorded of information leakage. These compromised records imposed the penalties and losses of a sum of more than $15 million. The sector that contributed the lion’s share in these leakages is the health care sector. The data security experts do advise some precautions and remedies, one of those is to use data security software that cans Lock Folders. Other than that, you must have the knowledge of how sensitive your data is and where have you kept it.
It is necessary to keep important to secure important information under strong password-protection, encrypt data, set up firewalls and regular update of antivirus programs. According to the law of Massachusetts, it is necessary for the business to encrypt the personal information that is saved in portable drives. The insider threat is not an alien term when you talk about data breaches. It is not necessary that the employees leak data for a purpose such as for selling data further or to make the company suffer. Usually employees leak information accidentally by losing portable drives or sending confidential emails to strangers by mistake. It is necessary to educate employees regarding the sensitivity of data security and Dos and Don’ts regarding it. The above given guidelines can help you avoid the majority of the horrifying data breaches that cause big losses.
If a company loses data even after following the precautions that expert advice, they must notify the users that their personal records have been compromised as soon as possible. Notifying the users can control destruction to some extent for instance if credit card numbers have been stolen by a group of hackers, knowing the fact, users that deactivate their credit cards that will help their cause. This data security problem is ruthless and its graph is increasing day by day.

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