The role of Social Engineering media in society

The Social engineering media has a greater role to play in the society. Whether you want to give out or receive information, you will not help but use any available form of media that will either relay the information inwards or outwards. There are numerous media types such as the ones concerned with news, advertising and social engineering. The social engineers would just want to gather information that will do you harm in some way or another. Their main ways of contacting the victims would be through the internet or through mobile phones where you will give out private and sensitive information to an unknown person who will be pretending to be a legitimate user.

This has helped people lose a great amount of money. However, some people have used this approach to better their prospects of doing pretty well in then business world. For example, by tricking their competitors to release some certain sensitive data, a business can plan well in advance to counter the actions that the competitor is planning top put in place. Given that the right information has been leaked, it can be impossible for the company concerned to continue acting on it without making necessary changes hence making them incur a huge loss.

These attributes of attack are mainly based with the way human beings live and interact with each other making it possible to manipulate the way people think of the possible hackers. Take for instance what happens when a person hacks into your email account and gets all your account details such as credit cards and many more, what amount of financial loss will you occur? What will prevent them from using this card to make all the unnecessary purchases that will shock you when you come to discover?

What if they get your old chat histories s and have they edited with the aim of soliciting money from you, will they not succeed? What will actually prevent you from not believing them? This has played a huge role in killing the attributes which are related to a human nature since they precede on to get all the information that they require to destroy you without having you raise any suspicion at all.

Since they mainly occur in terms of human and non human based hacking, the right measures should be taken to ensure that the right information gets to the right people so as to enable them defend themselves against this vice. People should learn how to know the human hackers and learn to practice some caution while dealing with the internet based hackers. This will ensure that the war is won at last.

Social engineering media has played many roles of diverse nature in the society. The role is both negative and positive in nature. Courtesy of this, people, have lost private information and got embarrassed terribly as a result. Furthermore, those who have used it well in business to gain competitor information have used it to gain a lot in business. All these have helped shaped the society.

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November 20, 2016