What Exactly Is Google Apps & How Safe Is It?

Google Apps is a service offered by Google that involves providing independent and customised versions of a number of products with a custom domain name. It includes many Web applications with functions similar to conventional office suites, such as Gmail, Google calendar, G-Talk, Google Groups, Google Sites and Google Docs.
Google Apps can be accessed for free and provides the same storage capacity as any other regular Gmail account. Any enterprise requiring additional storage for e-mail can purchase Google Apps for Business for an annual fee per user account.

Inside Google Data Centres
Google is responsible for running the most robust network of data centres scattered all across the globe. Data security and security of intellectual property on these servers is of prime importance, demonstrated by Google’s extensive resources that are entirely dedicated to the maintenance of this data security.
The data is checked constantly by a full-time security team, and the facilities always meet the topmost standards. The data security offered by Google has completed SAS 70 Type II audit successfully. None can provide the level of security provided by Google. Google Apps is certified by FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), making it the first collaboration and messaging service that is Cloud based.
This indicates that the General Services Administration has evaluated and certified the security measures and all the documentation of this system.
Google Apps is built to offer reliable and secure platform for your data that brings you up to date technologies and the best services for data management, integrity and application security. The three key components that ensure the consistency of security measures offered by Google:


There is a full-time security team with Google that includes the world’s top specialists in application, network security and information. This group of experts runs the top defence systems of the company, security check methods and custom designed security infrastructure.


Being an integral part of Google, security is a major component of every application provided by Google. Google Apps security has to pass different evaluation levels as an important part of the process of Secure Code Development. The environment of application development is strictly limited and keenly monitored to increase the level of security. Security audits are also performed by external agencies to grant additional assurance.


In order to minimise the risk of exploitation, every Google server is custom made with required elements of software. The homogeneous architecture of the servers allows for quick updates and changes in the configuration across the whole network when required. Moreover, an extra copy of this data is maintained at a number of data centres so as to make it redundant and available whenever required.
No matter which part of the Google Apps suite you are using, each applications shares the high level of security provided by all Google web solutions.

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