2021 Security Budgets: Top Priorities, New Realities

An unprecedented 2020 has shaken up security leaders’ usual list of must-have technologies. What’s on the horizon? They share with us their spending plans for 2021.

The cybersecurity landscape looks significantly different than just one year ago. We all know why. The pandemic pushed just about everyone to figure out how to implement and secure widespread work-from-home arrangements nearly overnight.

And as the new year approaches and another wave of COVID-19 outbreak is upon us, it doesn’t look like the need to “work from anywhere” is going away soon.

“Because IT has traditionally been built around the stability of office operations, the shift to remote work has both opened organizations to new digital threats and slowed response time to digital emergencies,” says Darren Deslatte, vulnerability operations leader at Entrust Solutions, a provider of technology solutions, IT managed services, and staff augmentation.

This, in turn, has impacted 2021 security budgets and where CISOs plan to allocate their dollars. As we batten down the hatches and move full-force forward, let’s take a look at their budget priorities.

Joan Goodchild is a veteran journalist, editor, and writer who has been covering security for more than a decade. She has written for several publications and previously served as editor-in-chief for CSO Online. View Full Bio


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