Callisto Group Hackers targeted Foreign Office Data

The UK’s Foreign Office was targeted by highly motivated and well-resourced hackers over several months in 2016.


  • The government has investigated the previously unreported attack that began in April last year. However the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre would not say whether data was
  • Research published on Thursday by cybersecurity firm F-Secure suggested the attack was a “spear-phishing” campaign, in which people were sent targeted emails in attempts to fool them into clicking a rogue link or handing over their username and
  • To do this, the attackers created a number of web addresses designed to resemble legitimate Foreign Office websites, including those used for accessing
  • F-Secure does not know whether the attack was successful. The company says the domains were created by hackers that it calls the Callisto Group, which it says is still active.

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December 4, 2017