Car Parking App Data Breach

Personal Data Breach of thousands of UK drivers revealed Car Parking App used by Councils


  • Thousands of parking payment app users have been put at risk of having their personal details breached.
  • The app allows drivers to register multiple cars and pay to park in locations across the country using unique numbers displayed on parking
  • But some users said they were locked out of their accounts or forced to change their passwords – while others weren’t able to remove their card details as a precaution because they couldn’t see them.
  • A spokesperson for Cobalt Telephone Technologies, creator of RingGo, said the company believed 600 people were directly affected, with 1400 other users potentially impacted by the glitch.
  • The spokesperson said: “We can assure customers that no usable payment card information was displayed – only the last four digits are
  • “Some personal data could have been visible, such as name, email, mobile, car registration, parking history and address (although for a large number of our users we do not hold any address information).

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December 4, 2017