VPNs Need to be Secured with 2 Factor Authentication

With increased number of professionals working from remote locations, travelling frequently or telecommuting, the conventional business security model have undergone remarkable transformation. Rarely would you see a remote user dialing directly into a RAS server at the head office and gain access to the data server on the remote network.

The availability of high-speed broadband Internet in integration with VPN technologies has provided organizations with a secure, cost effective and expedient method for data sharing from remote locations.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a solution that extends a private network across the Internet and helps establish long-distance and/or secured network connections.

VPN has become a most significant component in the present day business world as it allows the employees to access the company’s server, intranet or shared database from a remote location. This is made possible by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection by employing dedicated encryption, connections, or a combination of both.

You must have wondered how an employee sitting at Noida or Bangalore location is able to access the data center at Washington, DC. VPN makes it possible. VPN’s ability to bypass local firewalls and ISP restrictions accounts for its popularity in IT world. However, VPNs are not perfect and are prone to the hacking attacks.

VPN works on a single factor of authentication (i.e user name, password). While you install a small keylogger on the end point, you may allow an attacker to access the VPN credentials thereby compromising on the information security and critical assets of the organization. Hackers create Trojans such as Citadel to gain access to your VPN credentials, from public networks such as airports, open Wi-Fi networks etc. Therefore, it is imperative to authenticate the tunnel endpoints.

Possible Threats to VPN Accounts

Password Sharing: Since a VPN network is secured through one step authentication i.e a username and password, password sharing, password sharing is a major threat to VPN account security. Users may also get trapped in social engineering techniques and end up disclosing answers of security questions thereby allowing unauthorized access to intruders.

Identity Thefts: An unsecured and single factor authenticated VPN account is prone to the attack of identity thieves who can steal the VPN credentials and break into your private information stored in data centers.

Viruses and Trojans: Hackers since the origin of Internet are using Keyloggers, remote sniffers, worms along with other types of Trojans for identity theft. They access the private data through stolen computers and laptops and targeting unprotected networks.

Securing VPN with 2FA

Since it is the single factor authentication system that makes a VPN connection vulnerable to phishing attacks, adding another security line is the best way to overcome the only limitation with VPN.

Two Factor Authentication maps the physical identity of the user to the server and ensures the better security of servers, databases and other critical systems. Integrating 2F Authentication system helps prevent information security breaches and reduces the risk of online credit card fraud and card cloning.

While looking for hiring information security consultants in India for 2FA, make sure you contact only the renowned and trusted organizations. Innefu Labs, RSA, VASCO, Arrayshield, Duo Security and Quest are some the leading 2F authentication service providers in India.

Token 2 Factor Authentication – Get the Best Security Services

With rapid changes in technology, it is important that your business or organization adopts a high technological security. The rapid and constant security standards are too interdependent and complex to be resolved by the use of point product. Having a token 2 factor authentication allows you to apply the right mix of technology and other security services to solve various complex security challenges. This allows your business or organization to reduce its risks. This further leads to low premiums if your business or organization is insured. Keep in mind that the amount of premiums for your security policy you pay will depend on how strong your security level is.

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