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BBC Exposes Flaws in 'World's Most Secure' Email Security Service

  • A BBC Click investigation has thrown doubt on claims that the small, personal email server Nomx can provide “absolute security”.
  • Created by entrepreneur Will Donaldson, Nomx says it uses the “world’s most secure communications protocol” to protect email messages. But security analysts cracked the device’s simple passwords and hacked its hardware and
  • Defending itself, Nomx disputed the way the tests were done on its gadget.
  • The Nomx personal email server costs from $199 – $399 (£155 – £310) and its publicity material claims it is designed to handle email communications for consumers. It says that using a dedicated personal server, users can help to stop messages being copied and hacked as they travel to their destination across the
  • BBC Click asked security researcher Scott Helme and computer security expert Prof Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey, to scrutinise Nomx. They were asked to assess whether it did let people send messages in a way that was secure against hacking and interception.
  • The investigation started by taking the device apart to find that it was built around a £30 Raspberry Pi computer. As the operating system for the Pi sits on a removable memory card, Mr Helme was able to download the device’s core code so he could examine it

What Exactly Is Google Apps & How Safe Is It?

Google Apps is a service offered by Google that involves providing independent and customised versions of a number of products with a custom domain name. It includes many Web applications with functions similar to conventional office suites, such as Gmail, Google calendar, G-Talk, Google Groups, Google Sites and Google Docs.
Google Apps can be accessed for free and provides the same storage capacity as any other regular Gmail account. Any enterprise requiring additional storage for e-mail can purchase Google Apps for Business for an annual fee per user account.
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