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Why Use ITSecurity.Org For Your Data Protection Requirements and Services?

At ITSecurity.Org Our Professional and Qualified Staff have decades of combined experience, expertise, qualifications and certifications gained through working in some of the largest enterprises.  Our consultants have experienced many different requirements for Data Protection and are able to deal with your Data Protection situation and needs in a unique way just to suit you.

We have experience on a practical basis of securing data, protecting that data and ensuring that only the people authorised to access that data can use it. We have experience of how to securely manage and monitor data throughout its lifecycle and can provide that expertise to you.

Data Protection Lifecycle

ITSecurity.Org can provide advice and support for all of your Data Protection requirements throughout your data’s lifecycle.

  • Create
  • Store
  • Use
  • Share
  • Archive
  • Destroy

We can provide Data Protection Policies, Standards, Procedures and Training to support all stages of your Data’s lifecycle.


Data Protection Documentation Examples

  • Self-Assessment Toolkit
  • Data Protection Policy – Management Commitment
  • Data Protection Policy – Schedule of Additional Detail and Support Materials


Template policies, procedures and checklists

  • 01 Confidentiality and Data Protection Commitment
  • 02 End of employment and volunteering procedure
  • 03 Third Party suppliers – procurement and model clauses:
  • 03a Procurement guidance and checklist
  • 03b Supplemental Data Protection Agreement
  • 03c Model Data Protection Clauses
  • 04 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • 05 Password policy
  • 06 Clear desk, clear screen and secure waste policy
  • 07 Offsite Working and Removable Media Policy
  • 08 Sharing personal information policy
  • 09 Social Media Policy
  • 10 Access control Policy
  • 11 Accurate Data Guide
  • 12 Backup Procedures
  • 13 Retention Schedule
  • 14 Disposal and Deletion Policy
  • 15a Information security incidents – Draft letter
  • 15b Information security incidents – Checklist
  • 16 Subject Access Requests
  • 17a Photograph and video footage – Covering letter
  • 17b Photograph and video footage – Consent form

Data Protection Guidance Notes

  • 01 Roles and responsibilities
  • 02 Your staff
  • 03 Day-to-day handling of personal information
  • 04 Your buildings and offsite working
  • 05 Your handling of information security incidents
  • 06 Your handling of requests for access to personal information
  • 07 Bring Your Own Device Guide


Data Protection Training

Data Protection Training

One of the most important aspects around Data Protection the triad; People, Technology and Processes is People. Your staff need to be trained in Data Protection and why it is so important to your organization.

We can produce Data Protection training for you that is specific to your organisation. This training can take the form of different types of resource; documentation, videos, photos, images, powerpoint slides, quizzes etc.

We can turn all your resource into a really engaging educational training product.

If you require, we can also integrate into your Learning Management System (LMS) using our Moodle publishing platform or your training can be hosted on our training platform.

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March 21, 2016