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Any organisation comprises of three essential elements: People, Process & Technology. In recent times most of the cyber-attacks materialised because of weakness in people. Humans blamed for the weakest part of information security do not get enough controls to protect them from cyber-crimes. Security awareness training is emphasised to be the only effective control, however it is not implemented with same zeal and vigour as firewalls or antivirus solutions.

Any security control is implemented to achieve its control objectives. However security awareness is limited to annual sessions, posters and some weekly security news emails. The results of security awareness are not collected or analysed to verify whether control objectives are met or not. Like any control which is tested and evaluated, awareness program must be subject to testing by evaluating the awareness levels and comparing it with business objectives.

Tools that verify the security awareness program provide insights and effective performance indicators. Organisations can evaluate the results to identify their weak and strong areas. This allow for risk mitigation in weaker areas by utilising resources in cost effective manner. You can seek our services regarding phishing responses. We can assist you in developing your weakest link into strongest.

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Catching the phish

There are various tools to evaluate the readiness of users regarding phishing attacks. They are tested with phishing emails and phone calls to check their awareness level.

A security aware workforce will:

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Awareness is key

Phishing is one of the major causes of massive breaches. Using phishing, trust of humans is exploited to gain unauthorised information, install malware, bypass authentication mechanisms and steal sensitive data. Phishing uses emails or phone calls. Emails with malicious attachment, links to fake websites or spoofed to look legitimate, are sent to the recipients. In case users are not properly trained to identify or differentiate phishing emails, they fall prey to hackers. One unaware employee can cause damage to the entire organisation as he provides a door for the attacker.

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