Roles Available

Information Security Consultant

ITSecurity.Org are looking for an Information Security Consultant that is able to provide a broad range of Information Security Consultancy services for our clients.


Risk Assessments

To conduct Risk Assessment on Business Critical Platforms utilizing Best-Of-Breed methodologies.

Risk Waivers

To maintain and to mature the non-compliancies and waivers register.



Policies And Standards

To undertake Policies and Standards compliance reviews and to revise the Policies and Standards where required.


To produce reports and to liaise with key stakeholders influencing and negotiating effective remediations.


Minimum of five years of experience in Information Security


Penetration Tester

ITSecurity.Org Ltd are looking for experienced and trainee penetration testers. For experienced, penetration-testers, if you can undertake and deliver any of the types of penetration test listed below then we want to hear from you please.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automated checks for known vulnerabilities against a system or systems in a network.

Penetration Testing

Testing the security of a site by identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Then being able to report on the findings.

Security Auditing

Hands-on, privileged security inspection of the OS and Applications of a system or systems within a network or networks.

Security Testing

and it’s military equivalent, the Posture Assessment, is a project-oriented risk assessment of systems and networks through the application of professional analysis on a security scan where penetration is often used to confirm false positives and false negatives as project time allows.

Security Scanning

vulnerability scans which include manual false positive verification, network weakness identification, and customized, professional analysis.

Risk Assessments

Security analyses through interview and mid-level research which includes business justification, legal justifications, and industry specific justifications.

Ethical Hacking

Thorough inspection of systems and networks to discover ways to break into them.