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This course is a complimentary module on Data Protection Scenarios which provides live examples and real-life conversations to understand the effect of GDPR in their work.

Data Protection Scenario Topics

·        Disclosure of Personal Data

·        Rights of Data Subjects

·        Transfer of Data

·        Destroying Personal Data

·        Sharing Personal Data

·        Storing and Securing Data

·        Meetings & Calls

·        Social Engineering

·        Data Classification

Information Security Awareness is no longer an option, but an essential part of your success. The growth of security threats like Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering, and data theft has left a lasting scar on several organisations. If you become a victim, it can cause financial, reputational, and legal damage apart from privacy-related concerns. Our Information Security Awareness eLearning Program is aimed at educating learners with the steps to identify potential threats, and the skills to handle and implement safeguards to prevent their occurrence.

With interactive content, animated examples, and scenarios, you will find this program both comprehensive and engaging. This program can help your organisation prepare for ISO 27001 certification and is a mandatory requirement for protecting your organisational IT assets.

Course Overview of GDPR eLearning Module

The GDPR Compliance and Data Protection Awareness eLearning Program is a comprehensive toolkit that will prepare you and your employees for GDPR compliance. This course discusses the relevant concepts, and outlines the key facts through highly animated videos, interactive quizzes, and accurate content.

Compliance to GDPR is not an option, but a mandate. It is enforceable from May 25, 2018.

Learning Objectives

·        Explain the importance of privacy and data protection

·        Elaborate the changes in EU privacy laws with the announcement of GDPR

·        Distinguish between ‘Personal Data’ and ‘Sensitive/Special Categories’ of Data

·        List the principles of Data Protection and the Rights of Data Subjects

·        List the Breach notifications/Reporting obligations and Penalties