Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO)
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), mandates that certain organisations appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Someone that has expert knowledge of data protection laws in order to deliver the required compliance requirements. It can be difficult and expensive to find the right person on an ongoing basis, so ITSecurity.Org offer a Virtual Data Protection Officer service to fill this gap.

Data Protection Officer Responsibilities

Identified And Protected

Ensure that all personal and sensitive data is identified and protected

Training And Awareness

Train and educate employees regarding GDPR and data protection

Point Of Contact

Serve as point of contact for the organisation, between organisations and with the supervisory authorities

Head GDPR compliance

The DPO needs to visibly provide leadership and direction-setting for the GDPR compliance program

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Ensure that DPIAs (Data Protection Impact Assessments) are completed throughout all major changes in the organisations

Data Queries

Manage Data Subjects queries, concerns and awareness regarding how their personal data is being used

ITSecurity.Org Virtual DPO Service


The enormous impact of GDPR to most of the organizations around the globe has made a shortage of expert individuals who can act as a knowledgeable and experienced DPO. The expertise, training and experience are tough to find.  The human resources that fulfill these requirements are costly and not usually affordable by small or medium sized companies.

In such a scenario, a Virtual DPO is the best cost effective solution to handle compliance and data protection activities. Outsourcing the complexities of GDPR to a virtual DPO helps you focus on your core operations. It also helps bring the expertise of industry experts at fraction of cost.

Introduction of a virtual DPO at any point of the GDPR compliance program is essential espoecially at the beginning so that the GDPR program is built on industry best practices. It also delivers the freedom and autonomy for conducting effective data protection impact assessments without any prejudice.

ITSecurity.Org brings the expertise of industry best, certified specialists to act as your Virtual DPO.

GDPR defines the

  1. Designation of DPO (Article 37)
  2. Position of DPO (Article 38)
  3. Tasks of DPO (Article 39)

The DPO is the champion and advocate for GDPR and Data Protection requirements with excellent compliance, information security and data protection expertise.