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Mobile Security Services

Protect mobile devices, secure connectivity, ensure appropriate access, and safeguard data and applications.

Mobile Security

In the mobile environment, security goes way beyond merely protecting corporate email and data. Mobile devices are now completely integrated with back-end systems. All of that corporate IT infrastructure, and data, needs to be protected from malicious or inadvertent damage or loss.

ITSecurity.Org addresses the increasing number of mobile security challenges with a range of services. Our services focus on six main areas of mobile security services:

  1. Mobile Consulting And Solutions
  1. Providing Audit, compliance and governance checks
  1. A range of supporting documentation: Policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and checklists
  1. Protecting mobile devices from malware,
  1. Ensuring appropriate, security-rich access to enterprise systems,
  1. Safeguarding data and applications that reside within a secure, mobile-enabled platform

We also offer consulting services to help you identify and mitigate threat levels and risks in applications and mobile endpoints throughout your enterprise.

Our goal is to help you protect confidential information and the privacy of your connected users—even when those devices are outside the physical control of the enterprise.