Security Awareness – Phishing

ITSecurity.Org Ltd can provide the following Security Awareness – Phishing services:

  • Colleague training, education and awareness for social engineering and phishing
  • Colleague e-learning activities captured in a Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive reports showing how and which staff are susceptible to phishing
  • Phishing exercises involving 10000s of colleagues
  • The e-learning can be branded and content modified easily and cost-effectively specifically for your organisation

All organizations comprise three essential elements:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

Most of the devastating cyber-attacks have been successful cause they have focussed on the biggest weakness in the system, people. People cannot have hard controls implemented similar to IT Security controls. Instead, trying to protect against Social Engineering attacks have been undertaken by mandating security awareness training. The security awareness training is usually provided on an annual basis and the results recorded in a Learning Management System as evidence for compliance and audit purposes. However, because of the difficulties of production, security awareness training is not usually implemented with same zeal and vigour as firewalls or antivirus solutions.

Phishing is one of the major causes of massive breaches because it exploits natural trust to gain unauthorized information, install malware, bypass authentication mechanisms and steal sensitive data. Phishing uses emails or phone calls. Emails with malicious attachment, links to fake websites or spoofed to look legitimate, are sent to the recipients. In case users are not properly trained to identify or differentiate phishing emails, they fall prey to hackers. One unaware employee can cause damage to the entire organization as he provides a door for the attacker.

There are various tools to evaluate the readiness of users regarding phishing attacks. They are tested with phishing emails and phone calls to check their awareness level. A security aware workforce actively protected against social engineering and phishing will successfully:

  • Identify phishing attempts
  • Inform security of the phishing attack
  • Verify the source of emails or phone calls
  • Always respond with caution
  • Have their own security awareness program
  • Get support from senior management

Tools that verify the security awareness program provide insights and effective performance indicators. Organizations can evaluate the results to identify their weak and strong areas. This allow for risk mitigation in weaker areas by utilizing resources in cost effective manner. You can seek our services regarding phishing responses. We can assist you in developing your weakest link into strongest.