Security Awareness Training- Social Engineering

ITSecurity.Org Ltd can provide the following Social Engineering Awareness Training services:

  • Colleague training, education and awareness for social engineering and phishing
  • Colleague e-learning activities captured in a Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive reports showing how and which staff are susceptible to phishing
  • Phishing exercises involving 10000s of colleagues
  • The e-learning can be branded and content modified easily and cost-effectively specifically for your organisation

Social engineering, phishing, whaling and fraud attempts are increasing as more people are connecting with the cyber-world. It is often easy for attackers to exploit human trust instead of bypassing technical controls. Successful breach usually results from several factors:

  • Employees are unaware of security policies
  • Employees do not understand the importance of cyber-security
  • Information security is perceived as hurdle instead of business enabler
  • They lack knowledge of attacker’s tactics and plans

Nowadays, the huge cost incurred due to employee ignorance and negligence is forcing companies to invest in security awareness education. Information security awareness is a diverse field and its comprehensive implementation is essential in delivering real business value. The core goal of any security awareness program is to change employees’ behaviour and attitude. This could be accomplished in several stages:

  • Define goals of security awareness training
  • Understand the organization culture
  • Seek senior management support
  • Plan the security awareness program
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitor and analyze change in employees behaviour
  • Improve the security awareness program

Often companies rely on annual training sessions with half-hearted participation from employees. This may fulfil the compliance requirements but the organisation vulnerable to social engineering and phishing attacks. An all-inclusive security awareness program comprises of several components with each reinforcing others. Some of the key elements of security awareness are:

  • Training sessions
  • Reinforcement exercises
  • Periodic security reminders (security news, evolving cyber-attacks)
  • Social engineering tests (phishing emails)
  • Monitoring and analysing awareness levels (software)

Senior management support is the most important enabler for security awareness training. Strong backing drives serious participation from all departments. Information security departments must be headed by professionals who also have excellent business acumen and good human skills. A well-knit security awareness plan is essential for the entire fabric of enterprise.

ITSecurity.Org Ltd provides security awareness training and material for the organizations. We also facilitate organizations in developing their own customized security awareness programs.